Boppy<sup>&reg;</sup> Pregnancy Support Pillow
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Boppy® Pregnancy Support Pillow

SKU# 030 5100230K WEB
  • Mid-size pillow that supports belly, hips and legs
  • Jersey cotton slipcover
  • Pillow and slipcover are machine washable

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Not too big, not too small, just right. The Boppy® Pregnancy Support Pillow is a medium-sized pregnancy pillow that provides just the right support for double the comfort. This pregnancy pillow offers the comfort and relief you need without taking over your bed.
  • Features 
    • Double up on comfortable support: back and legs, baby bump and legs, or head and neck
    • Compact medium-sized pillow saves space, while maintaining the comfort and relief you need
    • Versatile little supporter helps you get comfy while sleeping, but also while lounging or sitting
    • Filled with 100% polyester virgin fiber, ensures durability and reliable support
    • Machine washable pillow and ultra-soft removable slipcover for easy care
    • “Lying on your side with one leg crossed over the other with the Boppy® Pregnancy Support Pillow between your legs helps to optimize blood flow. This is important in getting the needed nutrients to your baby as well as to help minimize swelling to your hands, feet and ankles.” – Eboni S. Hollier, MD, FAAP (Mommy MD)
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